Tuesday, March 04, 2008

His Best Buddy

My 4-year old's best friend drives a car, he's married and has children. I am asked through out the day when is "he" coming home? When I tell him "he" is on his way home from work, Marschall runs to look for him out the window. He has the rest of the evening planned for what he and his best buddy, (which he refers to him often) will do together. I get to witness a very special relationship. I am so thankful Marschall has the kind of dad he does. I see Pete longing to be home with his boys too. He gives me the call, "On my way, love, tell them to get ready". Usually, get ready means, they will have "the best fight ever". They wrestle...a lot. Sometimes I think someone may fall through the floor upstairs.
I caught a glimpse yesterday into my 4 year old's mind. How much he yearns to be like his dad and just "be" with his dad. I took a double take yesterday and wanted to capture this memory. Marschall had gotten his baseball mitt, his ball, bat and most of all his dad's mitt together. That was his "plan" for the evening, an old fashioned game of baseball with his dad. Supposedly, Marschall had the best hit ever and I guess his dad threw the best pitch ever. I sure do love having boys around, all three of them.

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Monique said...

How cute is that? I can't believe your weather is warm enough for batting practice. I'm a bit jealous.

emily said...

This is adorable. I read it to John and he loved it...gives him something to look forward to with his boy :)

melissa said...

so sweet. i love that pete plays rough with them and teaches them how to be boys...and men. it's really beautiful to be able to see it unfold. whenever asher falls down i, like a wimpy mom, first meke sure he's not really hurt, and then, say, "yeah, tough guy!" and i always think of how you told me one time that marschall loves getting boo-boos because pete's always like, "Cool scar! Yeah, you look tough with that, Marschall." love it!