Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 1999

9 years is not a huge numerical mile stone, I know. However, every year at this time, it is sentimental for me.
I had returned from a long term mission trip that previous spring. I was trying to find a job associated with my degree. I remember, I was working for my parents business, living with my parents in an apartment while they built their new house, and I was going to church with them on Sundays. I was waiting to move out until I had a good job that I knew I wanted. I had several friends in the area that I would go out with. I was determined not to go out on random dates. I hated just dating around, I never did it that much anyway. It was excruciating for me. I would get way to nervous and just did not enjoy it. I am not sure how I thought I was ever going to meet anyone!
Since, I was going to church with my parents, I also attended a weekly Bible study with my mom. As I look back, I kind of laugh that I spent that much time with my parents and enjoyed it. Sure, I would get discouraged at times. As I look back, I think the Lord was solidifying my heart's desire to be married and what kind of husband I wanted. The deeper things in a husband, not just for him to be attractive and tall. I wanted him to have a strong desire for God's will in his life, a strong leader with a gentle sensitivity. I was learning to be content and satisfied with who the Lord created in me, His daughter. I knew I had to relinquish control and quit demanding Him to bring me someone, in order for me to be "content" in the present.
(Back to the Bible study) Every week there was a women, who I had known through out the years of growing up at this church, she would say"I really think you need to meet my nephew". I would say, "I really don't do blind dates". (Little did she know I didn't even like going on actual dates period!) I thought, she is nuts if she thinks I am going to say "yes" to this. I could see it now, her nephew showing up and being 5'6". The only thing wrong with a short man, is if he shows up to the door being opened by a girl who is 5'10". Enough said.
Yes, height has always been an issue for me. I did not like Tom Cruise way before everyone else got on that band wagon of disliking him. I like heels, I like trying to stand up straight etc. Wow, I have digressed...

Phyllis Price was faithful to check in with me every so often seeing if I would be open to meeting her nephew. A few months later at church on a Sunday, someone pointed out to me way across the sanctuary that it was Phyllis Price's nephew. I thought, well I can't really see him real well but I could tell he was tall enough. I couldn't quite tell how tall but his head was a lot taller than most of the other men. At some point, I gave Phyllis the go ahead, if she wanted to introduce me to her nephew it was okay by me. A few months later, on Sunday, January 17th, 1999 I received a call from Peter Uber. He had to remind me that his aunt was Phyllis Price.
While on the phone I had all the normal butterflies, especially knowing I was going to say "yes" to go out with him. He had just called a girl that he had no clue about... that in itself intrigued me.
We chit-chatted for a while and set a date for that Friday, January 22nd. He was to pick me up and we were going to go see STOMP. (Stomp is a funky dance team that uses trash cans to make music) I thought, what an excellent idea, trash cans and music, who couldn't make conversation about that? I was so extremely nervous, I about canceled. I am not joking. I talked to one of my friends about an hour before he was to come pick me up. I had a glass of wine, careful not to have too much, because that would not be good!

I was by myself at home, so there would be no awkward introductions with the fam. That night is so fresh in my mind. I had on a burgundy cardigan set with black pants and boots. I was praying the boots would not be too tall. The knock came and I remember I was about to jump out of my skin. I still remember thinking right before I opened the door, "Am I about to meet my future husband"? (not to put any pressure on this night, huh?) I calmly opened the door, there he was.... all 6'4" of him. I let out a deep breath. Honestly, I don't remember much of the rest of the evening except knowing I had a good time and it was easy. (I liked easy and I still like easy.)

I am so thankful 9 years later. I am thankful, for my life that I get to lead with Pete and my precious boys. I am thankful that the Lord solidified both of our hearts to each other and to Him that drew us together.

January 22nd, 1999, I met my life long love. It seems every January is a new year of being able to grow deeper together as we grow as one.


Our life.... said...

That was really really sweet. I remember when ole "Peter Uber" called for you that first time....he he....can't remember life pre-Pete now :)

...just realized, January was a big month for Marschall girls and starting to date their husbands.... ;)

Monique said...

Wow, I didn't realize how close his first call came to your birthday. How perfect is that? That was a great post. Thanks for sharing.

melissa said...

it's been a long time since i heard that story, and never in such detail before! i love how the Lord plans out things for us, and in the moment we don't see what He can see, but later, we get to enjoy it in new ways! what a fun way to meet your husband!