Monday, February 27, 2006

To Divide and Conquer

Marschall tells me in his own little words that Pete had given him some candy, which the smell of peppermint was emanating from his mouth. I acknowledge him and soon he leaves the room. Shortly, I hear from the kitchen, “More candy Daddy, more candy Daddy, and then he shouts, Mommy said yes”. I then shout, “I did not say yes”.
I really didn’t care if Pete had given him another piece of candy but I couldn’t believe that he was already “working the parents”. Pete and I have started to show our unity in our decision-making with him. You know the drill, if one parent says “no” then it’s a “no” and vice-versa. In the short amount of time we have done this, Marschall has learned that Pete and I back each other up. Sometimes it works to his advantage but usually it results in a tantrum on the floor.
Some days I am amazed at how much I hear myself rationalizing to a 3 year old. He sure knows the buttons to push! Our 3 year old may sometimes divide us in our decision-making behind closed doors (and that’s for us to work out) but we will not be conquered! Hopefully, it will just be battles over candy for a while…

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Anonymous said...

How does a 2 yr old figure this out?

We are united and I love you for that.

Can I play Paintball this weekend? Marschall said "yes"!!