Monday, June 16, 2008

Imperfectly Beautiful?!!?

Over at Nesting place, the Nester had this grandiose idea for everyone to show their imperfectly beautiful spots in their homes. It is quite fun to scroll through everyone's!
Here goes mine....

I'm not sure I would call imperfectly beautiful but I will say it is all clean laundry and there is a nice cozy guest room when everything is off the bed. That's always the case with my laundry pile of a guest room. We have clean laundry it's just not folded and put in place. Hey I'm glad I have a room where I can hide this sort of thing from most people minus the world on the web.

Now the other picture is a nice stack of clean dishes left over from a shower I did almost 2 weeks ago. I have yet to put them away. I actually decided yesterday instead of putting them away I am ahead of the game. I have another shower I am hosting, this time for my sister, this Saturday. So my dishes are ready to be set on the table. If you haven't noticed I can make an excuse for everything and be A Okay with it!


Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

LOL on the excuse comment. tee hee

The Nester said...

yes, what a great idea! my christmas tree isn't not put away yet--it's up early!

I'm so gonna have to use that!

Nice to see you, girl!

Karen Panz said...

You know I have the same guest "laundry" room. I watched John and Kate the other night and someone comes on thursdays and folds her laundry and another friend comes later and puts it away. do you have to have eight kids for that????

Our life.... said...

ha, good perspective....i'm going to start looking at the dishes in the sink as "at least we had a good dinner off them even if they are still "soaking"'s ok to "soak" dishes for days right??!? ;)